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Stop Leak Plus Conditioning Treatment

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Wow!  There are dozens of products to fix AC systems.  Which is the best?

Are you as CONFUSED as everyone else?

What AC Treatment should I buy?  Can some one help me?

Why carry five or more different AC additives, treatments or dyes, at all different prices and from a half dozen different vendors?  Wouldn't you really love to have just ONE single treatment, ONE product that does it all?
You owe it to your customers and your company's bottom line, to bring this program to your shop and their attention.
It saves everyone money and time... plus it's so easy to sell and install this service.

 GWR'S Revolutionary...
Professional 134a Air Conditioning Treatment

1.  Lowers Temperatures
2.  Cleans Restrictive Oil Fouling
3.  Kills Acid that Creates the Holes
4.  Converts Free Moisture in the System
5.  Rejuvenates Rubber Seals and Gaskets
6.  Super Lubricates the Compressor Bearings
7.  Seals Micron Size Leaks in Metal Components
8.  Reduces compressor's horse power draw on the engine

Fact:  No product on the market can do all of these things...  especially with just one SKU.


All we ask is that you honestly check out ALL the AC treatments available to your shop.
First thing you will notice... There are dozens of them available to the AC service industry.
Now look at all their claims, you will see twice as many more!


Fortunately GWR has made it simple for you to decide.
How about an exclusive patented formula with just one part number...
all at a price that's as much as 5 times less expensive than some competitors.

You and your customers will love this item!  More importantly, you always have it at
your finger tips because it's on your shelf... not at the auto parts store.

A/C Stop Leak Plus
tm by GWR Products
The "ONLY" Total AC Conditioning Treatment!

of most importance...

Professional Auto Service Shops and OE Dealerships
have voted us #1 Worldwide!


Automobiles, Trucks,

R12 and 134A

Commercial, Industrial, Residential

R22 and 410A

Competitors would love to duplicate our exclusive formula,
fortunately for your sake and ours it's patented and protected! 

Our unique additives lubricate all moving metal parts in an AC system, while revitalizing O-ring and seal elasticity. More remarkably though, they seal hard to find leaks in evaporators, condensers, hoses and other difficult to repair AC components. Additionally it helps to keep the lines and compressor clean by preventing acid formation that leads to oxidation. It has the ability to control humidity also, special oils modify moisture so that it does not retain damaging properties.  By controlling all these detrimental components, we lower vent temperatures, extend life of system and even improve cabin comfort levels.  Don't spend hundred or even thousands to replace expensive parts only to find out you missed a small pin hole elsewhere and now all the new gas has leaked out.

  Formula for...



  Formula for...

This is an amazing product...

Stop Leak Plus can be use as a tune-up "conditioner" during a maintenance refrigerant top-off when components are in overall good shape, or as a complete system rejuvenator when new gas and oil are added during a major repair or service.  It is especially important to put a few ounces into all new vehicles also.

Programs are available for all levels of distribution to professional technicians, from single cases for automotive applications to gallon containers for commercial HVAC use.  We even offer the specialized tools needed for installation, you can see more about them on additional pages and the FAQ section.


For those of you wondering,
GWR Stop Leak Plus is not activated by air, moisture or refrigeration gases like the common products found at the Auto Parts or HVAC supply store!

It is "not" polymer based and will not harden... ever!
It simply remains as a base oil in the system after installation and "never" converts like the problematic "hardening" type sealants


If a sealer comes in a
pressurized metal can, do not use it!
No questions ask, period, end of story!

Here is the problem....  All of them set by moisture or gas contact and that means they will clog a system and or recycling machine once they touch air inside the unit. Watch out for the words "Inert", "Activated", or "Forms a Chemical Weld", as these phrases are a dead give away that product inside is a polymer!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Documented Case:
After Super Seal installed, system failed due to damaged compressor and system clogs.

Vehicle Year: 1998     Make: Chevrolet     Model: Prizm     Install Date:  August 13, 2009

But what about the little plastic bottles I'm beginning
to see on the internet and at auto parts stores?

 Aren't they the same as ACT Stop Leak Plus?


These are the Johnny come lately inferior copies of our
Patented AC Stop Leak Plus Conditioner!

Ones that look like liquid (red, yellow, white, etc) are mineral oil based and have zero solids (the seal swellers type), or they contain powdered calcium or silicate solids that stick together and form large blobs of floating debris in a system.  As you may be able to visualize, neither idea is good! They will either weaken rubber parts, have no effect at all, or the larger particles will clog the filters, orifices, capillary tubes and other parts of the AC System.


Here are three consumer reviews of competitor's products,
direct from Amazon's and Advanced Auto Parts websites.

These are the liquid type Stop Leaks in Plastic Bottles...

1.0 out of 5 stars Didn't work for me, July 10, 2011
By M. Stuckey(Jax., FL.) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from:  Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner (With UV Dye & Applicator)
Bought this and put it in a Chrysler Town and Country. 2 weeks later it no longer cools, the refrigerant leaked out. This was slightly slower than without the sealant. The product is supposed to seal leaks this slow. The leak is in the evaporator which I was hoping to keep from replacing. Too bad, I really had hoped it would work. Now I'm left to try and get my money back from the manufacturer, I guess.

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1.0  STAR
Comment:  useless
By CamRahn 68
from Charleston S.C   
Level 2

Comments about Bars Leak AC Stop Leak with UV Dye Leak Detector:

I have been in the auto repair business for over 40 years and was always hoping that someone would perfect a liquid stop leak for automobile a/c When I opened the first bottle all of the ingredient were settled and stuck in the bottom of the bottle, the remainder of the bottle is pag oil with dye. I opened another bottle same thing I tried to remix the solution no success. I returned the product for a refund This may be a good product if Bars can come up with a way to keep the solution suspended and from settling to the bottom of the bottle. Bars has been around a long long time and I have the utmost confidence in their products but I think this one needs a little more development.

Was this a gift?: No
Bottom Line   No, I would not recommend this to a friend

2.0 out of 5 stars    Ice-32, July 25, 2013
Oliver G. Lloyd - See all my reviews

Verified Purchase
  (What's this?)
This review is from: Four Seasons 69344 ICE-32 Bottle - 1.5oz (Automotive)
Nothing against seller. But I put this stuff in my new F -150 and my AC got hotter. Had to drain it and start over with just regular Freon to get it back to normal.
My friend tried it and said it made his AC a little colder...
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These aren't our words... actual customers are irrefutably defining the problem with purchasing the wrong stop leak or conditioning product.  At the least you don't stop the leak and only waste expensive refrigerant... so not a big issue.  Or you don't get the effects that you are looking for, so disappointing and a waste of your money.

On the other side of the coin... many of these products create a glue or sludge or even sand like rocks (see below), that clog up your entire system.  Now you are talking a new compressor, a new evaporator, a new condenser, a new accumulator, a new orifice tube, additional refrigerant and all that wasted labor for a service to replace broken parts.

Is it really worth taking a chance with one of the copy cat products?


Trust the only product to be on the AC market over 20 years without a single claim for damage, that's zero damage to any systems or piece of equipment!

GWR's "AC Stop Leak Plus"
Air Conditioning Treatment
1(800) 266-4497

We're #1 for a reason!



A.C.T. Stop Leak Plus tm...
is not like all the others that claim to seal A/C leaks

We do not react to moisture and therefore do not come in a sealed pressurized can that are dangerous they sometimes harden while you are trying to do the install.  Additionally, our SLP product will not clog installation equipment or the recycling machines needed to remove gasses from systems being serviced.  Take a look at this picture and you will see why the products in pressurized can are a nightmare for the AC System, they are likewise a problem for a recycling equipment.


The end view of a solenoid valve from an evacuation machine, notice the hardened particles of another stop leak product.  These granular particulate float around in the system until they attach to a part or get trapped in a filter or expansion valve.  When that happens, system efficiency is reduced or even stopped and another repair is required to remove the bad sealer and the parts that have been damaged.    

Easily visible, hardened inferior stop leak product.



How ours is different and why it works...

Three elements are necessary for GWR's Stop Leak Plus to seal leaks.... the Refrigerant, the system pressure and movement velocity.  Our unique product physically works with these elements, yet it does not "activate" as all the others.  When a leak occurs, whether pre-existing or in the future, refrigerant and some oil escapes through the hole at a rapid rate of speed and a venturi action is created.  This high speed flow allows some of the Stop Leak Plus to likewise pull through with the exiting gas.  When these escaping micro particulates bombard the ragged edges of the hole some flow through (the ones smaller than hole), while others bounce off (the ones larger than hole).  When the exact right size finds its way into the hole, that particle plugs hole like a cork in a bottle, or stopper in a sink.  Additionally Stop Leak Plus Micro Particulates were formulated to stay flexible and pliable after the seal is created.  They will remain secure through on and off temperature cycles and years of normal engine and driving vibrations.


Simply stated... This is the finest A/C Stop Leak / Air Conditioning Treatment on the market!
It is sold worldwide and used in millions of units!

Note: SLP is also packaged in one
gallon bottles  (Treats 64 cars)

Note:  Single bottle of either 134a or R12 SLP treats one average size vehicle

It will seal irritating pesky hidden leaks
and eliminate costly service comebacks.  It also converts moisture so that it no longer generates corrosion.  While this is going on, another oil rehydrates the seals to original size and elasticity.  As a final benefit it attaches to interior metal parts to improve thermal transmission, that lowers temperature you actually feel through the vents.


Still concerned about using Stop Leak Plus?

We believe this expert testimony definitively answers the question everyone with a leak eventually asks.

When ask "Will a Stop Leak Sealer cause damage to A/C Systems?"

Prof. Tom Brown, Centennial College, Climate Control Dept., Toronto, Ont., Canada, owner of Dealerman Wholesalers (Remanufacturer of AC Compressors), founder of AC Canada and technical air conditioning advisor to Spectra Premium Industries (OE Mfg of Climate Control Products) replied....

"Since the introduction of AC sealers several years ago, we noticed a drop in evaporator sales but an increase in compressor sales, especially for older vehicles.

I attribute that to the fact that a sealer makes an AC job affordable when there is a leaky evaporator and compressor.  Since the sealers do a good job on evaporator leaks, but won't seal compressor shaft seals, we are finding customers generally authorize a replacement compressor and the stop leak sealant.

In my examination of over 2,000 returned compressors over the years, I have not noticed a significant problem with sealants.  In fact, less than ten units showed congealed sealant at all.  Upon closer examination, in only a few cases could the congealed sealant be determined to be the cause of the failure.  And this was no doubt due to the technician failing to replace the dryer and leaving moisture in the system during servicing.

Additionally, in just the last 3 month summer sales season, we sold over 460 compressors and did not receive even a single return due to sealers."

Thank you Prof. Brown, I don't think it could be stated any clearer....

Honestly Stop Leak products should not be blamed for the reason failures occur in systems, after they are installed.  When we look closely we find problems can be traced to technicians or DIY'ers improperly preparing systems before their installation.  The issue is moisture!  When a system has not been properly evacuated and a new accumulator (dryer) installed, then polymer sealants are going to harden and clog when they touch that moisture.  Obviously no "mechanic in a can" product from the autoparts store is going to remove it effectively, so consumers must stay away from them.



Due to DOT / UPS / FEDEX / USPS shipping restrictions on chemicals in general, we do not sell single application bottles of our Super Stop Leak Plus.

Likewise, because of time and personnel limitations, we are not able to suggest local shops in your area that install stop leak products.  If you need your system to be sealed, we suggest you call local service companies and ask if they have a service available that uses GWR's A/C Stop Leak Plus.

Please note that SLP is a professional product and is not intended for DIY consumer installation, special service tools and a thorough working knowledge of A/C repair are required.  As such, we "do not" have single application bottles available for Consumers / DIY customers.  Before calling us, we suggest you contact a local A/C repair shop for a professional install when you do not have the proper training or the necessary tools.
(For more information, please see FAQ's below).

 Minimum Automotive Order - 1 Case of 6 Bottles (R12, 134)
Volume Installers Please Order - 1 Gallon (For 30% Savings)

If above has not answered your questions,
please scroll down the page to our FAQ section.

Tech Support and Order Line...  1 (800) 266-4497
(Please note these lines are open from 1pm to 8pm EST)



SUPER STOP LEAK PLUS tm prevents comebacks, period!
That means more profit for installers and no headaches for consumers.

GWR’s new SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" is specifically formulated to prevent leaks and repair existing leaks... while revitalizing gaskets and o-rings with patented lubricates and lowering temperatures with proprietary technology.  Because of its liquid consistency, you install it just like standard A/C oil.  A technician simply uses an A/C oil injector tool to install through the low side service port but you can also draw it through the center tap on a set of standard manifold gauges, if you prefer. This means the system does not need to be evacuated to use our product, another time saver! Simply start the engine or system, turn the A/C to maximum cooling, install SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" and recharge the system with R-134A, R-12, R22 or R410A as per the service manual. Make it part of your maintenance service... add SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" to every A/C service and keep systems at optimum performance levels.

Basic Installation Configuration

Our basic 2oz oil injector is placed inline with the low side hose, (after the gages),
so the new refrigerant gas flows through it and carries AC Stop Leak Plus into the system.

Note: If someone says installing a Stop Leak will clog up a recycling machine, they honestly don't understand how this works.  Because our inline injector (the holder of the SLP) is placed down line of the gages and or recycling equipment (near the low side schrader valve), no Stop Leak every passes through them.  Obviously there is no way they would effect anything used to install the safe, non polymer, non hardening liquid.  

Frequently Ask Questions and the Answers:

Can a consumer install GWR's Stop Leak Plus?

This professional product is not something you can buy at a local auto parts store, or take home for a simple installation. On the other hand, a mechanically inclined person could use the Super Stop Leak Plus if they are familiar with A/C repair and have the required tools necessary to test and install the product correctly.  At the very minimum, you will need the oil injector tool used by shops for the last 30 years, to put refrigerant oil into A/C systems.   Additionally, you should have a set of manifold gauges and a pump to pull the vacuum for testing leak down time.

Oil injector tool for installation of GWR Stop Leak Plus

Please note that if you don't have or can't borrow a professional installation tool like these,
it is impossible to install GWR's Stop Leak Plus.
Our product is not a "Do It Yourself" sealer with throw away, quick connect hoses like those the Auto Parts store sells,
you must have someone with professional knowledge do the service.

These extremely high quality professional tools are available from GWR, starting from the $50 range.
Please specify R12 or 134A models or both    Note: Actual shipped tool may vary slightly from above pictures.

How does it work?

Super Stop Leak Plus is an inert liquid mix of unique oils and proprietary solids that is injected into a refrigeration system. Once installed in a closed circuit, it travels freely through the system and actively address a half dozen different issues at the same time.  As it floats along with the refrigerant, it seeks out leaks and migrates through small holes by way of the venturi effect created by the escaping gas.  During the migration through the hole, it is pressed and or sucked into the irregular shaped opening to form a permanent plug that seals the leak.  This "patch" never hardens, but remains pliable so it can flex with expansion and contraction of a system.  (Note:  The exclusive, variable sized, micro-particulate solids in our 20 year old patented formulation are installed at the factory, by the millions.  Unlike the imitation stop leak products on the marketplace, we do not create solids inside the AC system based on and "activation process".  Under no circumstances does that concept work, it only leads to clogging and blockages. You must beware of the canned products, they all work the same no matter what the label says!)

How large a leak will it repair

In general, Super Stop Leak Plus is designed to seal an A/C system that has slow leaks, taking weeks or months to show up.  The system must be able to hold a vacuum on the low side for 45 minutes, at a minimum.  If the vacuum is lost or changes significantly within an hour, the hole or leak condition is too large to be sealed and manual repairs should be made.

Will it seal evaporator leaks

Yes, plus it will also seal leaks in the condenser.  Additionally, the special oils will rejuvenate all connection hoses, gaskets and o-rings, lower temperatures and quiet compressor noises.  The only part of a system where a leak can not be repaired is a compressor shaft seal, since the parts are moving and not static.  All seals are designed in a way that leaks are inevitable, shafts that go through them continually turn at the seal's mating lip.

How much do I use?

One 2 oz. bottle is all that is necessary to seal and condition one average size vehicle’s A/C system. When adding Super Stop Leak Plus to an evacuated empty system, substitute one bottle of Super Stop Leak Plus for 1 oz. of the regular A/C oil. (i.e. A 10 oz regular fill is now 9 oz's oil and one bottle of Super Stop Leak Plus). If the vehicle has a slow leak but still has a partial charge at service time, simply add one bottle of Super Stop Leak Plus along with the required amount of refrigerant until the system meets factory specs for a new charge. (Per service manual specifications)

Is it available for both R-134A and R-12 systems

Yes! There is a Super Stop Leak Plus for both R-12 and 134A A/C systems, plus it works with blended refrigerants as well.  Be sure to specify either the R-12 or 134A version when dealing with automotive applications, to match system being serviced.

What about commercial or home A/C systems?

We do have additional formulas for home, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.  These unique products are revolutionary and just as easy to use as our automotive versions.  Product specific versions for R22 and R410A are available in bulk gallons, for installation by professional service companies.  (Please note we do not have single application bottles available for consumers, or DIY customers.)

We encourage professional installers to order one of these incredible tools, they are simple and the fastest way to inject our Super Stop Leak Plus additive.  Best of all you don't have to bring down a system, you can inject at full system pressure based on the seal system in the high pressure pump.  Additionally, the reservoir bottle holds 16 ounces of SLP, so you do not have to stop and refill (smaller tools) when you need to put 3, 5, 10 or more ounces into one unit.
Call GWR Products for price and available

How long will it stay in the system

Super Stop Leak Plus forms a permanent repair when it comes into contact with venturi flow, specific temperatures, pressure, refrigerant and other parameters at one specific location. If there are no leaks in the system and you’re installing it for preventative maintenance, the product simply remains a high quality liquid lubricant until a leak is detected. Every vehicle should have a bottle installed when a major repair is performed but also on systems with no problems.  It is the cheapest insurance you can buy!

What happens when I recycle the refrigerant

Super Stop Leak Plus is removed from the A/C system with the refrigerant during standard recycling procedures. It separates from the refrigerant during evacuation and joins the reclaimed oil.  Since it flows, is an oil and does not harden in a system, it will not harm or clog recycling machines during transitions.

How long has the product been on the market?  Does it really work?

The Super Stop Leak Plus has been sold to the professional installer for over 15 years and installation problems are virtually non existent.  The few complaints we have received are always from installers who fail to check over the system before installation of the product.  When the holes are just to big or there are too many (will not hold a steady vacuum for 45 minutes), even our unique, patented sealant, may not repair a leaky system.  Rely on the best sealer in the business, we guarantee there's not a better one available... anywhere in the world!

Due to blatant attempts to copy our unique, patented product and literature, GWR, owner of the AC Stop Leak Plus and A.C.T. brand names, hereby posts Legal Notice... AC Stop Leak Plus and A.C.T. are Trademarks of GWR Specialty Automotive Products
Any unauthorized use of the names or copyrighted materials from this site will be subject to
federal prosecution and adjudicated compensation for damages of punitive and or
compensatory nature!
Stop leaks such as Supecool's Total Leak Stop, Bar's A/C Stop Leak & Sealer, UView's AC Stop Leak Plus, FJC's Air Conditioning Stop Leak and other less famous brand name products, are unauthorized copies of the patented formula sold by GWR under the name AC Stop Leak Plus and or A.C.T.  Likewise, because these copy products do not match the technical specifications of the unique, proprietary formula, they do not have our endorsement or approval.
Total Leak Stop, A/C Stop Leak & Sealer, Air Conditioning Stop Leak and AC Stop Leak Plus are trade marks of their respective owners.

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